About Us


With the experience we have gained since 1989, we have aimed to protect the plants organically by contributing to the agricultural sector.

Global Agrolian is a one-stop shop for everything you need as a grower to grow your flowers, herbs or fruits in the best possible way.

By producing innovative products today, as in the past, we produce products to meet agriculture needs and export them to the world, we plan projects and we work to realize our goals.

Our Mission

To contribute to the regional and national development and development by developing the existing product range in the light of advanced science and technology, in line with the needs and expectations of agriculture, by producing products that are respectful to people, the environment, nature and suitable for good agricultural practices.

Our Vision

To always bring innovative products to the agricultural sector, which is our field of activity, by producing products that are beneficial to the environment and human health, and to realize our goals as one of the companies that shape the future of the global agricultural world.